T-h-The C-l-Club is the fifteenth episode of the first season of Speechless. It was directed by Christine Gernon and written by Danny Chun & Matt Roller. It aired on February 15, 2017.


JJ and Kenneth get into an argument over their time together, while the family spends a week at a country club.


To be added.


Main Cast

Guest Starring 

  • Biana Lopez as Attendant
  • Tim Braun as Cabana Boy
  • Marissa McLaughlin as Katie
  • Kristen O'Meara as Manager
  • Marisa Davila as Mary
  • Kristin Carey as Mother
  • Travis Guba as Mr. Sharp
  • Thomas Ellenson as Nicholas
  • Parker Wierling as Ryan
  • Zack Micahel as Spence
  • Morgan Goldberg as Student
  • Shelly Bhalla & Alex Tortora as Waiter
  • Diana Costa as Woman




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